Cycle routes, glass and the road.

I wasn’t sure where to ride tonight, as again it seemed I was dodging imminent rain showers. It was definitely chilly out so wearing four layers, I decided to head up what has become my favourite route on day four of 30 Days of Biking.

This involves part of National Cycle route 23, which is great! Well sort of. On the road it’s actually very good, but I decided to follow the parts on the pavement for a while – especially when I’m slow going uphill. The part that’s not great is the debris. Glass, sharp twigs, stones. Now I’m happy enough with a decent riding surface, but swerving around the debris – look, I’m sorry, I don’t want punctures! – meant also swerving around pedestrians, fellow cyclists, joggers and kids. It also means slowing down, even outright stopping in places, whereas I prefer to keep going at a steady pace.

On the way home I stuck to the road so I could keep up a decent speed going downhill. I got beeped at, sworn at and a couple of tired grins from fellow cyclists heading in the opposite direction. Naturally I would rather be safe than sorry, but I don’t think riding on/ through that much debris on the cycle route is any good to anyone!

Anyway needless to say, I’m loving it. I successfully dodged ALL the showers, I didn’t get a puncture and I had a longer ride than yesterday. I did 7.6 miles in 41 mins – not overly rubbish (alright, please don’t laugh too much!).

So should I stick to the road, or ride on the cycle path?

Still can’t believe I missed the rain….. 🙂


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