A winner, a broken down horsebox and a surprise…

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! Firstly my apologies for not blogging the last 2 days, but I have good reasons.

Monday – wow – what wet weather, and thank God for waterproofs! I did my usual job, riding out a couple of horses and stayed dry, not even wet socks. Then it was off to the races at Chepstow with a little filly I look after. It rained pretty hard the whole way there, and all day as far as I know, but it’s nothing new to me 🙂
My little filly won! Even though she was sooo muddy I could barely recognise her as she galloped past the winning post. WOW. Bless her!
It was only as we left the racecourse that the problems started, the driver had left both her phones in the canteen, so after driving a couple of miles up the road, we had to turn back. On the bright side, at least they had both been handed in, and we left for the second time, knowing we were going to get caught in Bank Holiday traffic, and in the roadworks on the M4. To start with it was just a question of when we would get home, I had already planned a very short ride round the block in my waterproofs – if it wasn’t too dark. If it was darkish, then I was going to stay on the footpath and go up and down the hill a few times.
The the petrol gauge decided to stop working – again on the bright side, at least the box driver knew we had enough petrol.
Then as we hit the stop start traffic on the English side on the Severn Bridge did the trouble start. Revving the lorry, only to go kangarooing forward (think of a learner in a car). Plenty of swearing. Phone calls. Then a little sign on the dashboard lit up – FR. I looked it up in the lorry manual.
Drive Control.
Uh oh.
Cue more frantic phone calls, we weren’t sure if the lorry would break down, or we could keep going. Next services 20 miles away (Leigh Delemere). We hoped we could make it! Then some slight relief, another racing yard coming back in our direction could take me, the horse and our gear home, if we could make it to the services.
See if a horsebox breaks down on the motorway and a horse has to be taken off, the police have to be called, and the motorway shut in both directions. I never knew that until Monday! Now I do 🙂

We made the services in the windy rainy weather, successfully changed onto the other horsebox, and eventually at half past eight got into the stables where I work. And it was still raining heavy!
I thought I’d be home by half nine at the latest, but no, thanks to Bank Holiday traffic, lasing windy and a massive dowpour I didn’t get home until gone half 11.
I didn’t go out on my bike – I had to be up at half 5, and by then I was knackered! Sorry 30 days of biking, I failed 😦

So on to Tuesday…
Even with it being a bit windy, with the occasional shower, I thought going up to Hatch Warren, then up to Farleigh would have some amazing views of the weather scooting past us. I even planned to take my camera and get some pictures if it didn’t rain too hard. I had that planned at half 6 in the morning, by about half 9, that wasn’t going to happen. I had done the stupidest thing ever, well even the most surprising… sprained my wrist. It would be very complicated to explain exactly how, but needless to say I had the use of one had the rest of the day (and I’m not Flecha from Sky, who rode Paris – Roubaix with a broken hand). No chance of me going out on the bike! Talk about being frustrated!

Needless to say, I would have loved to go out today, and the weather was perfect when I got home, but I tried squeezing the breaks on the bike (admittedly indoors), and the pain it sent up my arm was unreal.

Sorry to say I’ve failed 30 days of biking, but I’ll get back on as soon as I can!
My poor forlorn looking bike 😦

Keep smiling, even through gritted teeth…


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