warning sportif ahead!!

Those who follow me on twitter may be aware that a while ago I signed up for the http://velove.tv/cotswold-casual-sportif/ only the 25 mile ride, but hey, technically I’m only a ‘beginner’ lol. At the time I didn’t know anyone doing it, so invited my dad along as company (he can do 30+ miles on his road bike easily).
Now I have barely been out on my bike recently, but having done a 23+ mile ride on my 3rd outing on my bike (with @jawsrogers) I’m pretty confidant that my legs can handle it, although seeing me going up hills – yeah, I’ll be the gasping one who everyone is laughing at…

Well at least I get to meet some of the ‘twitterarti’ and friends I have made on twitter, although most of them are doing the 50 mile/ 75mile route 🙂 I’ve also heard the weather might be pretty decent as well!

So hopefully (barring any disasters) i should meet the lovely @BevSmerklo, @helsbels1272, @broomwagonblog and @Velocentric. Anyone else doing this? tweet me (@elzrocks) or facebook me to let me know if you’re going to be there!

The good news is I have Saturday morning off work, and then the entire following week, so I might just get a few more miles in on my Lexa.

In other news, I took one of the racehorses I look after to Aintree (Liverpool) yesterday. He finished 4th, and I’m proud of him! I know he didn’t win, but it was a higher grade race than the last one he ran in and they went a fair bit quicker! He was very tired, but seemed fine afterwards. I also took another horse that unfortunately pulled up (a DNF), but it was some trip! It was the first time I’d been to Aintree – home of the Grand National – and I’d never realised what a bleak course it was!
It was an evening meeting, so the last of the horses I took, ran at 8.15, this meant leaving the racecourse at 9.15 – and with a 4 and a half hour journey home, I finally got back to the yard at 1.45ish (I think). By the time I’d got home, it was 2.35 and needless to say I’m still a bit tired!

Anyway, thanks for reading this 🙂



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