Bugs and Oakleys

Wow, did I see sunshine?? After a hazy warmish start at work, with a cold wind (we can’t obviously have it all y’know!), I was delighted to find the sun actually shone today! Having had to go to the doctors, then drive home, I was able to get out on my Lexa. Thank God. Oh sh*t. Well that’ll teach me not to get on the bike for a couple of weeks!

I didn’t go far, round the Bounty cricket/footy pitch, onto route 23, into the War Memorial park and out down through Eastrop Park (I really wish they would try and maintain this route better as in parts it’s categorically sh*te. Yes I am trying not to swear! From there I have no idea which roads/footpaths I followed, but I came back into Eastrop and back up the same route home. Now I feel great for being out, but I really am unfit (note to self – cut out the cakes!!!) and puffing going up the hills (snigger – small upward slope would describe it better) has reminded me to get out more.

I just hate going out on my own!

Anyway, as per usual my Oakleys (very old, 10+ years) were stored ‘pro style’ (upside down in my helmet. I flitted through the War Memorial Park and smack bang in big – massive – clouds of midges, needless to say a fair few went down my throat (bleugh!!). These black clouds of midges were a bit like cartoon clouds – I’ve actually never seen anything like it – and I persevered and got out the other side, without wearing my beloved Oakleys.

Not so on the way back – there were even more of the damn things! I nearly fell off my bike I braked that hard! Pulling my sunglasses off, about 50 dead ones fell off! Grrrrr, how dare they hit my lenses! Better idea to have my sunglasses on next time…

Funnily enough midges never bite me though and I’ve never been bothered by them when on a racehorse – horseflys though? Different story!!

Keep smiling 🙂


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