One week in France!

Some of our trip is sorted. I’m picking Melissa up from Paris on  Sunday 15th, and driving down towards Pau. It’s some long drive!
We have hotel rooms booked in Pau (the last one we could find on the Monday night, and one of only a couple remaining on the Tuesday). If we ever do this again, we need to book EARLY for more choice and cheaper rooms.

So thats Stage 15 (on the Monday) and 16 (on the Wednesday) sorted out.

We can see the stage finish on the Monday, have a mosey (wander) around on the rest day on the Tuesday, and see the Stage start on the Wednesday.

Wednesday night isn’t clear, or Thusday or Friday. We’ll either be sleeping in the car or in the tent!

I’ve been advised (via a friend on facebook) to go for the feedzones on at least 2 of the days for musettes and bottles.

We’ll be taking chalk! @BevSmerklo will get her hashtag (#thatmanbernie) made famous! And mine will be on the roads as #twitterarti.

Oh yeah, we are going to have some fun!

Saturday and Sunday we are staying in the same hotel in Paris, only a shortish walk to the Champes Elysses, and to the Team Sky Fan Parties.

I’ll be posting more as soon as i know the details.

If anyone else is planning doing this next year, its knackering! Can’t believe how much it takes out of me just trying to plan a route!

Keep smiling!!

🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 🙂


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