Getting ready for the LadyCat

This being my first sportif, I’m a bit worried about everything! Cue constant checks online to see if anything has changed.

Nothing has at the moment, that I know of, but it doesn’t hurt to keep looking! (must stop biting fingernails) It’s great to see that stuff is published online, because without it I would be lost!
Rider Information Brief
Riders Route Saftey Notepad:

Now those who know me tend to find I’m usually stupidly early (maybe it’s because my dad is ALWAYS late). So I may well be at Newbury Racecourse at bang on 6.30 (yes it’s possible I’m slightly mad).

Early starts don’t bother me, although today I managed to wake up at 8.00am (thats very late for me) and will be out on the bike shortly.

I did a 37.1km ride yesterday – had to turn for home early as I wasn’t feeling too good. And when I got home, promptly slept for 4 hours. I feel better today, and might try my original route.
Cliddesden Lane, over the footbridge of the M3, out onto main road and into Cliddesden. Turn up past the church and follow past the primary school. Once at the top, along for a while and take the first left, down and up the small valley, and right at the top of the hill. Then next left…. oh, FFS! at the end of the road turn left and follow to Herriad Crossroads (across the A339). This time I’ll hopefully be carrying on a bit further, and I’ll see where I get to when I’m here.

It takes me 5 mins to get up the sodding hill outside of Cliddesden, and I REFUSED to get off.

Hey I’m unfit, and I know a few people will be laughing, but I don’t care – I’m getting there, even if it is boring, lonely and frankly wants to make me give up. I can do it, and the more people that laugh just make me want to prove them wrong! I think reverse psychology works quite well on me occasionally!

So there we go!!



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