So I’ve been back to work since Monday – racehorses don’t feed/exercise/water themselves (unfortunately). I thought I’d give myself a day off the bike yesterday as although my legs were fine, I was shattered! So hope all of you that get the Bank Holiday off had a great time 🙂 Oh, did it rain? 😛

I posted on Twitter to ask if anyone is doing the sportif at Reading
I’m going to have a go at the 30 miler – although that does mean I need to get some miles into my legs this week! And no I haven’t gone out today!

It doesn’t matter if I don’t know anyone doing it – it would just be nice to go around with someone, seen as this will only be my second sportif and on roads I don’t know! Hmm, hopefully someone will come through!

I got a surprise this morning when my dad text me and said he’d bought me some bib shorts (and in my size)!
I’m unbelievably pleased!

I also know it’s going to be hard to find time to go out on the bike – but I enjoy it sooo much, that TdF planning is having to wait until its late/dark.

So any suggestions for the next sportif? I don’t really want to be doing anything in excess of 30 miles for a couple of months. I can’t afford to travel far either!

And next Tuesday I get to meet up with some fellow Twitter friends and go for a ride around the area I grew up in (Oh god, white Horse Hill!?!?!). Yes I do have a couple of days off work 😉




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