the Twitter Ladies Cake Club

Yesterday was fun, in fact a lot more than fun, it was EPIC! Via Twitter, me, @pebblesnbambam1 (Jen), @Ninja_Smerklo (Bev) and @helsbels1272 (Helen), decided to meet up for a ride in Shrivenham. Unfortunately Helen couldn’t make it (it’s a shame as it was a brilliant day!).
Waking up yesterday morning it was still raining, and on the drive over to my parents, I came across a couple of mini floods. The most major one on the A339 which had traffic lights around it (Yes really!). Now I grew up in the area near where Jen lives, and I know how much it can flood – so the first question I asked my parents (whilst eating a fry up) was: ‘Is Fawler bends flooded?’ This is the tiny village at the bottom of the hill next to Kingstone Lisle, and the bends in question lie between there and the next village, Uffington.  As neither had been down that way, they didn’t know, but there had been plenty of traffic up and down the road, so I hoped there wasn’t!

I had arranged to meet Jen in Uffington and cycle back to Shrivenham with here to then meet Bev. As I arrived in the village, Jen txt me to say she had to go a different way because it was flooded the way she was coming from, so I set off to meet her by the lovely village of Fernham. I was hoping the stream wasn’t high enough to have covered the road, and thankfully we were lucky! Now I’ve only talked to Jen (and Bev) via Twitter and Facebook, but immediately recognised Jen – wearing her Wiggins Sky Rainforest Rescue jersey (she won it, lucky bugger!)

Needless to say, there was a few puddles on the road, but nothing major! We got back to Jen’s, and it wasn’t long until Bev arrived and we had a coffee and set off!

Funnily enough I don’t think any of us stopped talking much, and it was great to meet these two lovely ladies. Bev used Endomondo to track our route, although I had a fairly clear idea where were going!
Shrivenham, out towards Highworth, Lechlade…
Ahh, I won’t tell you about our toilet stop for Jen in Highworth, although thats where I got my ‘Cat 4 Tattoo’

Chainring greasemarks!

I tend to lean on my chain and not notice, thanks for the pic Bev!

Then we cycled onto Lechlade, where we had a cafe stop!
What a gem of a place to find! We could lean the bikes outside, and see them through the big glass windows, and we even had our lattes and cake bought over! I’m not sure how long we stayed, chatted and laughed. But I would recommend it to anyone on a bike, that likes cake and coffee!

From Lechlade, we turned back toward Faringdon, then on the road toward Little Coxwell and up (at the roundabout) onto the A420, then back to Longcot, Fernham, towards Uffington (along Station Road) and up through Fawler to Kingston Lisle. Bev made the hill look far too easy, whilst I just about got up it! We then showed Bev the infamous Blowingstone Hill – bit steep that one! then back along the B4507

Me digging a gel out – just don’t ask why I didn’t have it in my jersey!

to Compton Beauchamp – showing Bev the White horse Hill on the way – and back through to Shrivenham.

With the little extra bit of cycling, my bike clock said 41 miles! The furthest I’ve gone yet 🙂 With friends, and endless chatting, you don’t realise how far you have gone. Just wished these two lived a bit closer to me!

We also cycled round to Subway and back (in Shrivenham) and it’s never tasted soooo good!

I had an unforgettable day, meeting these two lovely ladies, and had a cracking ride on the bike. Hopefully we can do it again, and maybe the three of us do a sportif somewhere along the line! And get Helen to join us!

Ladies, you were awesome! Thanks for looking after me (the slow one!). 🙂
This is just the start of the Twitter Ladies Cake Club! #TLCC



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