Having to turn down Olympic Tickets

As you can probably guess I am a little annoyed (absolutely fuming!) that I have had to turn down tickets for Box Hill and the start/finish of the Men’s Road Race in the Mall.

Let me tell you how and why…

Went back to work on Wednesday, and got bitten by an insect at 12ish on the outside of my calf on my left leg. Didn’t think much of it as I am fairly used to getting bitten! I’d noticed it was a bit swollen about 4ish, but by the time I was home at half 5, it had started blowing up drastically. It was painful to walk as well! When I got up on Thursday, My leg had got bigger. I decided to drive on into work and see what they thought. The boss had a look and suggested driving back to Basingstoke and get it seen to in A&E. Needless to say I felt a right drama queen! But I was seriously unhappy with the way it looked. Eventually I got seen in A&E and the nurse said to keep it elevated, get some ice on it, and prescribed me antibiotics. She also told me to get antihistamines and the strongest painkillers you can buy over the counter. Luckily my friend and nextdoor neighbour had given me a lift to the hospital because as soon as I had my shoe off, I couldn’t get it back on!!

Funnily enough I’m not at work, and will have to see how much the swelling goes down by this afternoon to see if I can get into work tomorrow. Although it’s not looking likely at the moment!

But today I checked my email properly for the first time since I came back from France. I have been offered (free of charge) not only tickets for Box Hill on Saturday but also for the Mall on Saturday! Unfortunately I can’t take them 😦 Gutted isn’t the word!

However I shall (hopefully) be at the Mall on Sunday for the start/finish of the Women’s Road Race. Hopefully it will make up for it! And hopefully my leg and foot will deflate…

So have a great time those of you going on Saturday – you’d better take some good pic’s!




One thought on “Having to turn down Olympic Tickets

  1. MiddleRinger says:

    The men’s road race was great (besides the non-GB result). I’m glad I went down to Box Hill to see the nine laps though as just seeing one would have been a real shame. The atmosphere out there was brilliant! So many people and we were literally inches away from the riders flying past, no barriers between us and them. I’ve put some of my photos on Wheelsuckers.

    Are you going along to watch the Time Trial on Wednesday?


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