Lacking and Slacking!

So I haven’t posted since before I went to the Women’s RR at the Olympics. Definitely SLACKING!! Thanks to those of you (old and new) who have had a nosey at my blog! Stats have been pretty good! So here goes:

Women’s Road Race (Olympics). First of all THANK YOU Rhys White for the ‘spare’ ticket. You Legend!
I arrived at Waterloo to see Rhys sitting on his bike in the middle of the station concourse, scanning the crowd. And totally missing me until I walked right up to him. Then to get the bike parked and then a shortish walk (by my standards – I have no idea how far it was) to the Mall. We were too early, but met Spratty’s sister and husband (Amanda Spratt from Aus who rode in the race) so had a right laugh, even with the rather strange marshalls! Eventually we go in, and promptly made our way right up as close as we could get to area 1 (we were area 3), and directly opposite the TV camera and big screen.
It was an amazing day, the girls (or ladies) were so much more exciting than the men! And the roar (usually started by me and Rhys!!) when any of them were mentioned, or Emma Pooley shut down the breakaway…. Put it like this – we KNOW how to get the crowd started! Even though it heaved down with rain, I had an amazing day. And no I had no idea we were on TV (at the medal ceremony?!?!)

I’ve been slacking on the bike recently, coming home after work I have just not been able to  get myself motivated to get out (plus being as shattered as I have been doesn’t help!).
I’ve said before I don’t like riding on my own, and have been looking at VC Meudon (guys you are so helpful it’s unreal!) and Andover Wheelers (my lil friend Lili who rides for them has recommended them big time)

Ah yeah. Tour of Utah!?! Thanks for the sprint jersey I won… even though it hasn’t arrived yet!

This brings us to last Saturday. I decided a trip over to my parents might be a great idea. It was, even though my friend Verity has had to send her road bike back coz it’s far too big for her! We went out for a spin round the block (her on the very heavy mountain bike) and I then rode back up Fawler Hill (sodding 10% and potholed) to home. Me and V had decided to go to Bicester Village for a walk round on Sunday. But when I logged on the computer, I saw there was a bike race at Cricklade. Actually it was Cricklade Kermesse. And it’s only a short drive from us. So we went there to cheer on Wightlink RT and had a great laugh with our homemade signs

We made these in the pub!

Great fun!

So on Tuesday I was doing the usual scanning through Twitter when I see one of those RT (retweet) and Win competitions. So I RT’d it. Imagine my surprise when I got a DM on Wednesday from Chain Reaction Cycles saying I’d won a place on the Garmin Sharp Ride Out. Woah. Brilliant! If I could get the day off work….

It took until 10ish this morning to speak to the boss. YES. DAY OFF. NICE ONE! Also thanks to Lili who is going to help out at work on Friday morning for me! #Liliisalegend

Needless to say the last 2 nights I have been out on my bike!

Oh and I’ll be seeing you on Guildford High Street on the 16th September if you’re coming along to the Tour of Britain… us three (me, Verity and Rhys) are marshalling again!

Thanks to all my amazing friends over the past few weeks. And my fellow Tweeters. You are all awesome!

Keep smiling



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