Addicted to bikes

As much as I love road racing I caught a bit of Cross Vegas last year. This piqued my interest in cyclocross. But having been so busy in the winter last year and still a newbie to the biking scene, I had pretty much forgotten about it until this year when i saw (via Twitter) that Cross Vegas was on again.

I managed to watch some of it via YouTube. Then started realising that some of my fave tweeps (Twitter people that I follow/ follow me) have a go at ‘cross as well. And some of them are fairly new to it as well!

This led to me asking the twitterverse if there is anything around here (Basingstoke). Not for me to have a go at (although if you would like to give me a ‘cross bike and kit… and a lift to the nearest event I would do!). I would just like to go and watch… Or help out at.

Thanks to a couple of replies I have found out a bit more. HargrovesRT do some although not much within driving distance (petrol to expensive!!!) except for an event in December in the War Memorial park in B’stoke.

Best of all I found out that i might be able to go to Rapha Super Cross in London on 28th October. Now that’s more like it!

As for today, hopefully I’ll be testing my dhb winter tights out shortly as I go to cheer my friend Fran Roberts on in the B’stoke half marathon!! 


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