Moving on

Well it’s been a while since I have blogged as i quite literally had nothing to blog about… That’s a lie!

I won tickets (courtesy of @CyclingShortsUK ) to the London bike show. Had a great time wandering around (even met the lovely @loisdesigns). Even better time racing my mate Verity on the mountain bike stand (I won but had a ridiculously rubbish time!!). Absolutely awesome time watching Ian Bibby smash the Nocturne for his new team Madison Genesis! Proper bike racing 😉


Also won a cracking cx scarf from the super @RIOTmpls


Some people have scarf jealousy…

So I am moving. New job, new cottage to share. This is the first time I will have moved properly out of an area I know well.

Some people ask why. Because I have a life other than work and that is cycling. I also want to save some money which at the moment is downright impossible. And I need a new start.

I will be moving near to Dorking. Where hopefully I can join a cycling club that’s friendly and welcoming unlike the ones around here!! Also I will be back to working every other weekend (yes 12 and a half days at work before a day and a half off). But I’ll still be on twitter/facebook.

I expect work to be a little different, more old school racing yard. Although I’m really looking forward to it, it’s going to be strange not knowing anyone down there!

I am also still planning on going to France for the last week or so of Le Tour – if you’re reading this and want to meet up for a drink over there let me know! I’m still unsure who is going and how I’m getting there!!

Finally as I won’t be having a leaving do at work I have planned to go to London on the 15th March for the @onthedrops team presentation at Look Mum No Hands. This is much more my style! If you have a sofa you can put me up on let me know!!

Keep smiling


8 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Good luck with it all. I left London a couple of years ago and moved somewhere completely new (Bristol). Love it out here and have just signed up to a local cycling club to meet some more cycling peoples.


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