Marginal gains and stable staff

Having been ill for a couple of days, I watched Road to Glory and a Year in Yellow. Also saw Chasing Dreams the other day.

All of the above are about Team Sky. All show how marginal gains can help a team.

My thoughts/ questions are could it work for stable staff?

The big opposition is money, the trainer and other stable staff.

Teaching other people the things you know can be simple – how to bandage a horse. It can be difficult – how to manage a difficult horse.

There seem to be so many barriers that it wouldn’t work. Staff told not to listen. Staff who don’t want to listen. Constant back stabbing. This doesn’t help but who can you deal with if no one listens?

If (for example) the head person doesn’t think they can learn anymore. If bullying is commonplace. If there seems to be a shortage of staff and lack of good moral.

Wouldn’t changing this be a marginal gain?

Hasn’t it been proved that happy workers (in any workplace) are more productive? Doesn’t it help to learn more and encourage senior staff to teach younger ones?

Lack of money is usually the commenplace answer. Time is money!!
Yeah I get that. Funny enough. Oh and the thought that stable staff are all grouped together as thick and couldn’t do anything else? Change how you think!

I’ve always done my job because I was told I was good at it. I enjoy working with horses and find it easy to empathize with them.

Having spoken to a few old friends recently I found the common reason they had all left racing. They were laughed at, ridiculed, bullied and told they wouldn’t find another job.

I know the money working with racehorses isn’t great. But losing so many experienced staff in different places over the years is surely costing the rest of us.

Who knows what marginal gains could have been if these people were better thought of?

Horseracing is still living in the ’60’s in some places. The interaction between employees and employer can be still stuck in the ’70’s.

Could marginal gains have helped with forward thinking people?
Would it mean that we got the recognition we deserve and that we got listened to?

If you don’t agree, I really don’t care. These are my thoughts and no reflection on anyone. I guess a few people will read and not understand this.


One thought on “Marginal gains and stable staff

  1. Its a great shame that things have not changed over the years. The problem in my book stems from the top and the ability or inability normally of the head lad to treat everyone staff and horses equally. There are always favourites and the weakest person is often given the most difficult horse. At the end of the day the most important thing is the welfare and wellbeing of the horses in your care. When I ran my yard of eventers (this is different to a Racehorse yard which has more horses) we all shared everything, chores the good and the bad and that way the horses ultimately all benefited.
    I think that your ideas would only work if everyone was singing from the same hymn sheet. A conclusion I suspect you came to as well. I just wanted to show my understanding of the problem that’s all. Apologies for waffling!!


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