The lonely road

Hopefully in a weeks time I will have at least some of my stuff packed. In reality I probably won’t.
Moving is a hassle. No doubt about it. Previously it’s been a few minutes down the road. Then half an hour or so. This time it’s a few hours (depending on traffic).

Don’t worry! I hear you say. Yeah. We’ll keep in contact! Highly unlikely. Come for a visit! Er, with the hours I’ll be working? Not likely.

Still I have my friends, the ones who helped me get through that shitty ordeal in France. The ones who say actually you did well riding that (mere) seven miles on your bike. The ones who told me to get out of where I am because it’s bringing me down.

Those friends have existed through social media. Without some of you I would not have had the strength to do this. I would not have had a place to bounce ideas around. I wouldn’t have met some great people.

I worry too much. I know that. I know some of you think me a fool! Lol, more fool you.

Some of you will read this from a Facebook link. Most likely you think you know me. Most likely you don’t. If you mattered to me I would contact you. If I mattered to you, oh yeah I don’t.

To those who read this from Twitter, thank you for your support. It has been invaluable.

I can’t wait to get out on my bike down there. Dorking Cycle Club, in their emails, has been most helpful and welcoming. Still I expect I will be riding alone for a while!

And I must not forget Ma. I know mum reads my blog on occasion (slightly embarrassing and filed under please dont say anything!!) so again I want to say how supportive and loving they have both been.

Suppose I should say I’ll be living near my brother, but to him I’m just a silly little sister…

That’s all for now…


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