Grand National and Paris Roubaix

I got to attend the Grand National meeting at Aintree for the first time, not with a horse that was running, but with the oldest surviving winner. Rough Quest won back in 1996 with Mick Fitzgerald on board, and the is now an elderly 27 years old.

It was something special to lead the old boy around, and what a gent he is. Lots of people saying how happy they were to see him, and calling out ‘Thank you for bringing him!’

As he won back in 1996, we got to lead both the parade in the paddock and the parade down the course. It was just simply amazing!


We were stabled next to Lord Gyllene with Red Marauder on the far side


The above photo shows (from left) Rough Quest, Lord Gyllene, Red Marauder.

I also met Bindaree:


and Mon Mome


As well as Hedgehunter and Amberleigh House (unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of them!)

It really was an honour to lead Rough Quest around!

As it was my weekend off I actually had a bit of a lie in, getting up about 8. Then decided to attempt getting my computer to work so I could watch some of Paris Roubaix. In 20 mins I had it all set up, but couldn’t find my Wifi dongle. 2 hours later I found it underneath my hairdryer…

I have to say I didn’t see all of it! Although I thought Stannard and Eisel were going well, Fabians nonchalent poker game was pretty epic to watch! I feel very sorry for Stybar though, who I thought showed the most Panache of the race.
Still it was an epic circuit in the old velodrome, an ending that I guess will be replayed for a long time!

Then it was time to get out on my bike, the same block as I did the other day (see previous blog post).
So 12.55 miles in 53.58. Average speed 13.97mph. Max 38.11mph. Calories 728.
I am rather impressed with myself for that! Especially with knocking over a minute of my last ride!

That’s all for now!

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