Day 2 of Bedford 3 Day

As you can probably guess I only attended Day 2 (I am one of those lucky, lucky few that has to work both Saturday mornings and Bank Holidays!).

However I didn’t sleep for more than two hours and hung around the house Sunday morning feeling rather annoyed and rather tired! It was only when my next door neighbour (who i work with) literally gave me a kick up the ass…
“Oh go on, you’ve been talking about this for ages, just get yourself out and go and enjoy it!”

5 mins later without much thought I got my stuff together and headed out, reasoning that if I felt crap by the time I got to Dorking, I could turn round and head home.

But with the lovely warm weather, some Ultrabeat for music and the feeling that actually I might be ok – I carried on up the m25 and m1.

Having to use sat nav, it took me straight to race HQ and I parked up behind the Wyndymilla team van.


On first sight there was only a couple of people about waiting by the traffic lights for the riders to come through. None seemed eager for a conversation, apart from to say that the girls had already gone through once.

Then the first car appeared and I stood squinting down the road for a fair few minutes before I saw any sign of rider activity.
Suddenly they were there, spinning up the hill a lot quicker than I can do!
I tried to make out my friends from Shutt Velo Rapide, but couldn’t tell who was who!




And then I spotted a girl on her own, and someone shouted ‘Go on Jen!’
Luckily I got a photo!


Then it was a case of waiting for them to come around again. Quick trip to the car for Haribo and a drink, a phonecall to mum to let her know I had got there, and suddenly through the gate walks Lou! (who didnt recognise me for a second as I had text to say I wasn’t going).

Brilliant to see her, and great to watch the race with someone I knew!

As I was stood at race HQ I didn’t get to see the finish, but I did see the lovely Stefan Wyman drive past waving (ha wonder if he recognised me!?).
As I was stood by race HQ I had no idea who had won the race, and with no internet signal to find out, i was a bit miffed. I was too shy to ask anyone riding back up the hill, and as I’m rubbish at recognising anyone for the first time, I didn’t get to find out until later on.

I moved my car somewhere in the meantime only to find myself blocked in by the Abergavenny team car later on, but it was soon shifted so I could get out!

Thanks to Jen, Lou, Tracey, Cecillia, Sian and Saskia for letting me join them for Nandos afterwards (and the ice cream).

I had a great day and was so happy I made the decision in the morning to go up there!

In other news I had a go at hill reps tonight as I had to cycle back to work to put rugs on. That certainly woke me up and as it is on a private road i dont have to worry about much!

Oh and yes I did fall off the same horse twice the other day… Nevermind!!

Keep smiling 😛


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