A long weekend of cycling

I made it to Canary Wharf for the last 10 laps or so. Then promptly ran the wrong way to meet @HollyAJennings and Dan (I mean I ran the entire course) whilst trying to watch the racing and failing..


Great to see @teamukyouth win again, they’ve taken over from Endura as my ‘fave’ Elite team!


Anyway, we went off for a drink at the Cat and Canary (not a bad pub and not too pricey!) where we met up with the other Holly and Matt (thanks for lending me the ‘famous’ @vulpinecc jacket Matt!).

Then we headed back up to some other bar. Nice to breifly meet Stuart and Darren! Even if I do get introduced by my twitter name #fail #fame.

Yeah. I missed the last train home so had to get a mini cab. But it was worth it, great evening and excellent company!

Then for the Nocturne on Saturday. Just about got up there in time to meet up with Kara (one of my livesavers in Pau last year!) and then a quick (ha very slow) walk around most of the course to try and catch up with @rozjones. It was heaving with people everywhere!

Then to watch the womens race. I cheered Helen Wyman, Lucy Garner and the Matrix Prendas girls from the start.

Time for some wine. Thanks for suggesting Smiths (you know who you are)! Ran into a few people I knew and in all honesty didn’t see much of the mens race!

Only when they started taking the barriers downs did I walk over and finally talk to @ds_stef! And admired Lucy Garners bike


And laughed at @CXHelen on the bike


Massive thanks to Kara who dragged me onto the right train! And apologies to Ian Bibby for the awful photo Kara took 😉


And finally…

Had a short ride with my friends tonight. Got constantly abused for being slow and did my quickest 10 miles to date averaging over 18mph. Pity we can’t ride more often but the lads are off tomorrow (again!)

Not much of a blog I’m afraid thos time! I may have been a little drunk on Saturday!

Party on!



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