Summer highs… and lows

Well it’s been an odd few weeks since I last blogged. It’s turned out to be damn near impossible to ride with Dorking CC. I can only join them every other Sunday, and as I had to work on my day off, I haven’t joined them. Not sure what to make of them in all honesty. Apart from Flick, the other women came across a bit snooty, and as everyone hared off up hills in front of me, finding myself the lone back marker wasn’t great.

So I haven’t ridden with them, going out alone around the local lanes hasn’t been too bad. But. It’s damn boring, and I’m still fair new to this.
Do I look for another club? No one appears to be interested in riding in the evening around here. So looks like I’m back to being the lonely cyclist!

Anyway. TdF has started! Arranging to meet up in Paris with loads of tweeps, it’s got to be better than last year! I’m planning on being in the Frog XVI Saturday afternoon with the team Sky Fanzone. Might see you there, or possibly on le Champs.

By the way my Velogames Fantasy team isn’t doing great. As I knew it wouldn’t! Just heard that Janis Brajovick (thats probavly spelt wrong but you should get who I mean!) is out of it today.

I’m about to be my own worst enemy, as I’m not going out on the bike tonight despite it being perfect weather. But hey, after finishing late 4 days in a row, I think one evening off isn’t going to kill me!

Don’t forget how physical my job is before you think I’m a lazy cow. I’d like to see some of you shift 700 bales of hay over two days 😉

Seriously if anyone has any suggestions of clubs, or knows anyone willing to ride slow an evening a week, please let me know! As I said to @accidentobizaro its a pity we don’t have @sparkieturner down this way! It looks great what they do up there.

But that is Yorkshire, where everyone is friendlier than Snooty Surrey!

Looks like I’m also going to trundle my way around the shorter route of the Magnificat at Newbury unless I get a better offer!

Ciao 🙂


2 thoughts on “Summer highs… and lows

  1. David Hamilton says:

    Dont lose heart. Just keep getting out when you can, dont try breaking any records just get cycling strong. You have the fitness from work. You just have to train your legs! I used to be a full time builder and was always training knackered. When I eventually decided to cut down and cycle more I got faster and stronger all because I was not tired. Moral of story…win lottery and ride bike/horse every day.
    Back to the advice, keep Dorking CC in the back of your mind and in a few weeks go back and kick their arses all the way round Surrey. Vengeance. Its so good for the soul!! 🙂


  2. Phil says:

    Just caught up with your blog, sorry, I’d stick with the Dorking seems like they have a set up for newer riders. Sadly cycling clubs are very insular and so if you made one friend on your first ride you did a lot better than many people. Stick at the cycling and the club runs and it will come.


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