It’s almost autumn

It’s been a while – after having so little internet etc. Just to say – Paris was a lot better this year apart from the heat!

Never managed to watch any of la vuelta – we’ve been flat to the boards since I came back from France. But I did manage to keep vaguely up to date with what was going on through twitter.

Unfortunately I have to leave my job down here in snobby surrey – so looks like I’ll be at home for a while around Christmas time.

Tour of Britain – well some interesting weather! Would have loved to be up at Honister Pass – or on anywhere in the Welsh stage, but I had to make do with Guildford and getting myself and Jen Hine roped into helping out at the finish of Stage 7 🙂
I’d volunteered for the London stage on Sunday with my friend Rhys. Great to see four of the Shutt Velo girls riding the womens race (Jen, Tracey, Sian and Saskia) and of course one of my lovely friends Lili who rides for Andover Wheelers. And yes I did stand in as Lili’s soigneur (although I also had a go on her bike – my god that girl has long legs!!).
Met up with Holly B and watched the Gentlemans TT from the inside corner of Westminster Bridge – before having a wander with the master baker @melaniebbikes 🙂
Watched Stage 8 from the outside corner of Westminster Bridge – and think I have been fairly instrumental in getting the crowd going (amazing what happens when you shout ‘come on London make some noise!!) 😉
Then a hair raising 5 minutes with a whistle, trying to get some of the public out of the road to let the riders through. Who had the bright idea to let me have a whistle??!!?? Good job I have a sense of humour!
Then finally drinks… where we met the now very famous Kenny v V at St. Stephens.

Yes I did manage to catch my train home 🙂



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