It’s all gravy!

Hi guys, again it’s been a while. Not going to apologise as I’ve been doing too much of that recently. Usually apologising for being me. I’ve got to the point that (love me or hate me as you do) I’m just not going to do that anymore. Sorry!

Once again this year I’ve had some wonderful times with my friends – both tweeps and face bookers – and had some equally bad times finding myself in dark places that I don’t want to revisit.

I haven’t done much on the bike this year but having finally stopped smoking, I hope to start going spinning soon to kick start my fitness and lose a bit of weight!

But I just want to say massive thanks to the people that have helped me out so much this year –

Ceri Adams and Nerys Lloyd both wonderful cousins.

Jenny Hine  (@Jenlovescycling) for being a wonderful friend

All the ToB lot – from Raleigh (Michelle you’re a legend) NFTO (El who bought us ice lollies in Brighton), BMC and Madison Genesis to Paul, Chris and Liz.

Kara Thomas and Verity Banks for putting up with my harebrained ideas again!

And those ones of you who have said or done kind things that have really stuck with me; Darren Moore, Matt Carr, Anthony McCrossan, Stevo Minns and Holly Blades you rock!

Big hugs and here’s to a better 2015 and more general awesomeness!!


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