First spin class

Right, I’m not the bravest of people at doing something brand new on my own (yeah I know I’m 29 now!), and you may have seen my tweet earlier today about not being able to eat because of nerves.
(A quick explanation – I have this week off work).
I’ve been thinking of doing spin classes for a while, I desperately need to lose some weight. Because I’m heavy (yes I am still a size 10/12 and I’m not going to tell you how much I weigh, just trust me that I am a lot heavier than you think).
Going out on the bike on the roads around mine is pretty scary at the moment, lots of narrow roads and horrendous potholes as well as desperate drivers going too fast. This doesn’t help when I’m heavy, as going up hills there isn’t anywhere to go and I’m very slow. It’s a bit easier if you’re thin (Verity can currently kick my arse if we went out together!).
I’ve got some muscle in my legs – and if you see me in lycra you’d actually be mistaken in thinking I’ve got ‘good’ legs (this has happened a lot!!) – so I’ve got some strength but absolutely no stamina whatsoever.
This is where spinning comes in for me – start sweating some of the weight off (eat less amounts of crap) and I might actually find it a lot easier to be out when the weather is better!

I found out this spin class on a Monday morning was likely to be empty, and as I’d never done this before, I thought booking myself in today was the best idea. (You have to book 5 days in advance here – damn annoying!!)
So this morning I had a bit of a mad panic. As usual. #facepalm 😉
What to wear? I only have bib shorts. Several jerseys and my beloved Castelli long sleeved jersey (obviously far to hot to wear that!)
Eventually I settled on my super Garmin bibs – the ones I won in the Manuel For Speed comp on twitter – and a black tshirt. Jogging bottoms over the top (no I am NOT walking into the gym in lycra!) And my ToB softshell (again obvs not for use in the gym!)

I knew enough to take water (Madison Genesis bottle hahahahaha) and a small towel.

Luckily for me there was just one other person and the instructor. It was really really good – the sort of exercise I really enjoy – but hard. Why? Because I can’t f***ing spin fast! I can go mad descending in a big gear – but spinning fast in an easy gear is a big fat no. On a flat section on the road bike, I’m liable to set it just off top gear and roll along. I wonder if this is laziness?!

Anyway. I sweated. It was fun. And I’m booked in for a harder session on Wednesday. Something like this means I’ll keep going back for more… even if it does mean I have to pretend I’m Vos…. or Cav… to make my legs go faster! I think I understand how you can become addicted to doing this (was it Yanto Barker that said that a while ago?).

Oh yeah. Four weeks without a smoke. Fuck yeah!!

Keep smiling!!


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