Time for a bike ride?

It’s ok people, I’m not going to bang on about going out on my own again!

I’ve been wondering about fuelling for rides. I’m still relatively unfit, and sweat a lot. Also look and sound like a dying fish going uphill, although that’s not quite the point.
I’m rarely going much over an hour and a bit on rides, and unless I’m tackling a couple of the longer climbs around here, I don’t use any gels/food or sports drink.
I take water and Cliff Bar shot blocks (although it’s rare for me to use them!)

I don’t intentionally do fasted riding, it’s just that I work between 15.15 & 17.30. And then get out on the bike by 18.00. I don’t feel I’m doing enough to require eating extra.

I think the question is – do I need to be using gels etc? As I pointed out in my blog yesterday – I’m not losing any weight.
I did use gels/drink stuff in Surrey – but was doing a lot of very physical work at the same time.

Letting me know opinions on this would be good. If you can’t be bothered to sign up to WordPress – give me an email – cripercant@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Time for a bike ride?

  1. For an hour you probably don’t need to fuel as long as you’ve eaten well beforehand and aren’t going hell for leather doing intervals or smashing hills! I don’t tend to use gels much, although I always carry one “just in case” as a boost if I need it towards the end of a ride. I prefer real food such as flapjacks rather than expensive sports type products.

    On the bike I tend to eat something after an hour and then every half hour after that, but it’s all about balancing how hard you’re riding against food intake and then figuring out what works for you. 🙂


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