I’ve spent a lot of time wondering if going back on Strava is worth it. I can’t tell until afterwards if a segment is faster, because I carry my phone in my jersey. Also my Garmin 200 doesn’t upload (that in itself is another long story!)

But rather than making me feel bloody slow (yes I know I am!) – it’s had the desired effect of making me want to do more. That and the fact that little by little I’m getting fitter.

I’m managing to get longer riders in, with the fact I actually want to hit some hills merged in. Except Fawler Hill. I’m avoiding that for the time being!

I found myself riding in more adverse weather recently – with one huge gust of wind bouncing me off a thick hedge at the bottom of Letcombe Regis. And the rain. I’m back to grinning like a loon in the rain – with drivers and cyclists alike giving me the most disbelieving looks. They must think it’s a grimace – unless they hear me chortling away to myself!

It has been a bit odd to look back at segments on Strava and think that I had done well, when in reality I’ve done shocking. Or the other way around!

But it’s also having a positive effect. Weirdly kudos do make me feel better about it!

So follow me or not… up to you



2 thoughts on “Strava

  1. Kevin says:

    I love using Strava-it keeps me very motivated. A trick I learned (because I keep it in my jersey pocket as well) is to use my Garmin average speed as an overall indicator during the ride. I basically know what my avg should be for a fast ride. I know where I should push and parts that shred me so I settle into a steady pace. Strava is addictive-but if alm the addiction one could have…it’s not so bad! Be safe-Kevin


  2. Isn’t there a setting on Strava – certainly the android phone version I use – that allows you to set it so that a friendly voice tells you your segment time as you finish it ?


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