A New Start…

After finally breaking the bank and getting accommodation sorted – I’m tapping this out on my phone in sunny Epsom after a few hours out and about on the bike in Surrey…

It’s a far cry from how I felt about everything last weekend – and I still can’t quite get the hang of having another day off tomorrow!

Work has been interesting. I love learning new things (even Event Management Plans with a nod to Paul Baillie for this new curiosity!). I’ve often joked curiosity would kill me because I’ve turned out to be one of those people who sometimes can’t stop asking questions!
I’ve got a great team (yeah – you hear that horseracing – that word TEAM…) to work with, and although it’s fairly busy – it’s really good.
There’s loads to learn, and lots of new people to meet.

I managed a catch up with B at Bella Velo last Sunday – I think we talked the place down! A ride and food! with Rhys on Tuesday, a bloody stupid mechanical on Wednesday, a Le Tour catch up on Thursday and a wander along to the top of the racecourse and back on Friday (with earphones in listening to Pendulum full blast… Watercolour and Witchcraft both helping lift a bit of a dissolute mood).

Then today. A ride to Bella Velo – bike shops should all take note of the excellent customer service received here – and a meet up with Toria and gang for a slow ride out and around the Surrey lanes. A stop at Pilgrims Cycles at West Humble (after buzzing down Ranmore Common!!F**k yeah!!!). And back to Epsom – where I was a deserter… but only because I had made plans to meet up at G!ro cafe (in Esher right next to the horsebox park at Sandown Racecourse). Once again, Adele Mitchell and I talked ourselves daft! Lovely to have a catch up though we forgot about watching Le Tour!!

It’s been hard commuting. More because of my fitness (or lack of it!). But I will get there!

I think that emotionally it’s been bloody hard. But I’ve always been one for living in the moment, and pleased to say I’m a damn sight happier!

A visit to Bike Beans tomorrow maybe…

Any questions. Just ask.



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