Everyone’s Different

Everyone has their own view of things, and everyone has their own battles to face.

One of mine is fitness, and throughout September it was easy to let go of riding the bike. I was shattered from the ToB, then I had the SBCU course, and it dawned on me pretty quick that I couldn’t not do anything.
I was worrying about lights on the bike, being seen in the dark on that fast stretch of road between Malden Rushett cross roads and Oxshott.
So I started running. Not very far and even slower than I cycle. After two days I could barely walk. But I was loving it. Earphones in. Something along the lines of the top 50 chart. Tune out and concentrate on one foot in front of the other. Different ground, rocky paving slabs, big loose chunky gravel, wet grass, dark smooth(ish) tarmac, dusty paths, fibresand.
For me up here on Epsom Downs it’s great. I don’t know anyone and I have the freedom to go where and when I want. The odd sideways smile and nod at another jogger. The stunning sunsets behind the grandstand.


Everyday going a bit further. A tad quicker. Stretching out the sore shins I only get when I’m actually running.
Running in the rain was pretty good. Cycling cap on to keep the water out of my eyes. An added challenge of slippy grass making me concentrate even more on going forward.
The elation that I’m doing something I talked myself out of doing for years.

Doing something because I can.

It annoyed me that it was getting darker and I had less daylight to run in, so a decision on Tuesday to drive into work early led to one of the worst commutes I’ve had.

I managed to write my car off.
I’m absolutely fine. And no one was hurt.

How do I get to work? Ah. My bike…

I’ve desperately needed a new cassette and chain on it for nearly two months (Dan will probably disagree and say at least a year!!). I’ve put myself off riding it because I haven’t got the knowledge to deal with mechanical situations.

((Or the knowledge to deal with sodding insurance companies/ claims/ etc))

Ended up setting off ridiculously early and whilst admiring my new lights, almost hit an urban fox, and then it sank in.

Why the hell have I been putting this off?!! I love being outside. I love being on my bike. It’s pissing down with rain and I’m loving every second. Notorious for loving the rain (can’t beat good waterproofs!) when riding racehorses for the last 15 years, I was happy.

Not so much by the end of the day when my head was fuzzy and I crawled home on the bike barely able to breath with a crap cold. But hey. You get what I mean?!

I’ve also tried to eat better. Trying to explain away a diet of Red Bull, cigarettes, Diet Coke and crap food… There is no explanation.  I’m just glad I gave it all up. I won’t regret it, I enjoyed it at the time. And there is always the option to change. I just had to want to do it for myself.

Enough of talking.

I have a new cassette and chain on my Trek. My lovely battered Trek. And I have a Kinesis 5t Disc on order…

Hello CX!

And thanks @ScotEaster for the advice!

Huge thanks to Upgrade Bikes – Rory and Bruce


And to my poor co workers who put up with me 😉

#keepsmiling #keepriding


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