A good ride captain

I wonder what you think makes a good ride leader? I’ve had experience of very good (Callum Clarke, Toria Jamieson and Louise Wainwright immediately spring to mind) and very bad.

It’s not just communication with others in the group, it’s keeping an eye on/ looking after others, including dropping back to check on others. The odd bit of praise doesn’t go amiss either. Knowing when to call out for pace/directions/stupidness is always good. Common courtesy and manners round it off.

Yesterday (Sunday 8th November) was a perfect example of how it can work. And if I think praise is due I will give it. An organised women’s (and partners if they wanted) ride starting at Sigma Sport in Hampton Wick, heading out via Cobham and West Horsley to the hill at Shere, and back via Cobham. Not far, and in fairly decent weather.
Sod’s law Callum punctured as we headed toward Esher, but great for everyone to see how to change a tube quickly and effectively – even with mudguards on.
Cat (or Kat, sorry if I’m spelling it wrong!) was our other leader, and they both held a good steady pace out through Cobham.
Throughout the ride Callum dropped back to check on the others, calling out quickly if we were pushing a bit too fast.
Everyone waited (like they should do!) at key points, the top of that sneaky climb at Shere or at junctions.
An extra bit through Bushy Park on the way home gave everyone an opportunity to stretch their legs briefly, and then it was back to Sigma Sport at Hampton Wick for coffee and pastries.

Everyone I spoke to really enjoyed the ride(s) and the unusually warm weather helps too.

Rather epic to treat my cx bike to a nice little spin on the road, some nice greasy/leafy sections around Shere made me rather happy for the awesome little rig I’ve picked up!


Plus. I’m a bit in love with my shoes! Limited edition Giro ‘Anodised Red’ CX/mtb shoes.


Oh. And the bike?


Not a terribly great picture, but I’ve been too busy riding it to take pictures of it!!
It’s a Kinesis 5t Disc from Upgrade bikes http://shop.upgradebikes.co.uk/Catalogue/Bikes/Kinesis/Kinesis-5T-Disc-Brake , with eggbeater pedals from CrankBros.

So much fun….

Even better I have a couple of skills sessions coming up. Caroline Stewart and Bruce Dalton have both offered up their free time to help me out a little. And Helen Wyman has promised a take over clinic.

As usual I can’t thank people enough! You amazingly wonderful people!

Meanwhile, here’s a few pictures from this mornings ride. This is why you should #ridelots






All taken from Kingston Bridge this morning.


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