A CC with the right mentality?

Ironically I still don’t belong to any particular CC’s (cycling clubs for those of you who don’t know), although I ride under Sigma Sport when I race (ahem, trying to stay in front of the last person on a cx course would be more apt), and help out with the Women’s Rides from the store when I can.

A great little article that encompasses all that the bad stuff I’ve come across was shared on Facebook this morning. Truly, talking to some people, they would have me believe that it’s all in my head, and it can’t be that bad.

Well, fuck you. Yes it can. We haven’t all cycled for years, or had a local club we could join. Or even had people willing to share a bit of advice. Not every club is suitable for every person, no matter if you have 2 members, or a few hundred.

Have a read of this: Dysfunctional Cycling Club and why you should quit…

Thankfully I’ve found one of the most supportive bunch of people I could ever have come across, despite not actually being a member of their club, I try and join them for rides when I can – as long as it’s tolerated. They even invited me to race the London X League Team Champs with them – even though I wasn’t in their kit, or even any match for their slowest rider.

Just goes to show, that there are decent people out there. Massive thanks again to the Kingston Wheelers – all the social riders that appear frequently/ infrequently on Wednesday nights (and other days) for the Richmond Park ‘laps’ and weekend rides.

Anyway. I’ll enjoy my day off the bike today. The Kinesis is being fixed at Hampton Wick, and I need to put slicks on my Colnago cx bike.



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