Training blog, and a dazed fog.

Strangely excited and rather worried have marked the days since I last blogged. Well aware of the tick, tick, tick of time winding up, or down, as Paris Roubaix is getting closer and closer.
Have I got everything? That seems to be the question shadowing my every day at the moment. From RP laps after work a coupke of times a week, to hill reps with Adam, I’d been slowly and surely clocking up the miles and doing more.
Until the financial strain of an emergency dentist visit on Monday just gone. A light buzzing in a front tooth on Monday morning became an all invading army of screaming pain by lunchtime.
Little did I realise that 24 hours later I’d be pain free and rather ill at home. See Metronidazole has rather a rubbish effect on me, sickness, spinning room, cold sweats and nausea in 3 hour waves after every tablet. I’d had a badly infected tooth that required a root canal. Bastard. Three days of being sat on the sofa unable to do anything left me worrying more and more about PR. And wondering what else I need for the bike.
Extra bar tape, metal bottle cages that can be bent in with spare bar tape wrapped along the retaining bar is the main thing I guess. A wheelset that may arrive. Or may not. Tyres are sorted. Kit is hopefully sorted.


Things are going to have to wait. Except miles. I haven’t been on the bike since last Saturday until today, and the first 10/15 miles were…. weird. I guess the antibiotics are working their way out of my system. Drenched in sweat, heart really hammering, within 30 miles I’d drunk both bottles of water. Sorry I’m Late turned the ‘chain gang’screws on from just after Hogden Lane, and despite struggling a bit earlier in the ride, we upped and upped the pace, taking turns on the front, although I was only just hanging on when her final elbow came out. I wasn’t entirely sure I had any gears left, let alone strength and nearly buried myself as we swept the last bit up onto the river bridge where I shook my head and eased off. It might not have been hugely quick but we worked well together until my lungs warned me that I’d smoked too many cigarettes in my twenties.
Fuck it felt good though. Although 2 miles later I got dropped for a bit.

Hopefully I’ve managed to sweat the last of the drugs out of me. Those first few miles were singularly awful, although I appeared to be riding ok, actually probably better than usual. Maybe the rest did my legs some good, I’m not entirely sure.

One thing is for certain. I can’t bloody wait! Going out there with the lovely lot at Medway Velo is going to be great!

Cracking race at MSR today. And a well deserved win by Demare…



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