And It Happens Again!

So I’m meant to be riding cx at Herne Hill at this very moment. But instead I’m sat by a Shell garage on Croxstead Road. In the locality of Herne Hill.

Why am I sat here? Well, I’m waiting for my lovely landlord to pick me up in the Vittoria van. Why? Because of three things:

  1. A pedestrian clipped me earlier up by Clapham.
  2. A car then clipped my back wheel leaving me on the floor and driving around me.
  3. My bike is a bit poorly.

I’ve got through the shock. Missing a bit of skin. One very sore thumb. Not one cyclist stopped, though a few pedestrians did.

I’m pretty cross, but I’m alive. Sore but walking. Bloody but unbowed… and all of that….

There goes my CX out of the window. Just after I’d got the Kinesis fixed up. 

Anyway. There was a cracking bike race on today. So I guess I’ll get home and watch the highlights and thank God I’m in one piece!


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