Aim For the Stars

EDITED TO INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: Sally is lending me a road bike and I can use her rollers. Rob has a turbo I can borrow for a while. This is what friends are for. Also thanks to Phil, Alex, Steve and Tom #mycrew #thisiswhatfriendsarefor #MedwayMassive

@swordpanda has also offered to help me out with a training plan when I’ve healed after dental surgery. 

Well. Not quite the stars. I mean I have an ice gel pack currently resting across my face after dental surgery yesterday so I can’t exactly do much. Walking in a straight line would be a bonus. But I need something to aim at.

You know I don’t have any of the following; road bike, turbo, rollers, hr monitor, power meter or any idea of how to go about training. But I do have a great bunch of friends at Medway Velo who have helped me out no end.

Having Paris Roubaix Challenge to aim at was hard and I’d had no specific training other than increasing the miles. But with everything going a bit wrong at the moment, I need to aim at something.

Despite ‘my’ road bike being requested back at work, a few days after breaking a spoke on the loaned wheels and less than a week after getting hit by a pedestrian and a car, I’m trying very hard to look forward. I can’t ride a bike/ do much for a week and having a mouthful of blood isn’t really conducive to doing much. 

So I’ve entered the Green Arrow grasstrack on the 14th August. It’s not the biggest event ever but it is one that I didn’t think I’d be able to do.

Ride London Expo is next week, Thursday and Friday with my employer Sigma Sport and Saturday and Sunday with Conti UK. Not much chance for riding a bike anyway! 

I know I’m not very good, that I don’t know anything much about training or fixing bikes. Does it really matter? Are you brave or bonkers enough to have a go?

I’ll always try. I always want to learn, even if no one wants to teach me or help me out, I’ll be doing the best I can.
Having been underestimated by so many for so long, I’m truly grateful for those that are now my friends, the willingness to put a bit of belief and support behind me. 



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