Day 2 of Bedford 3 Day

As you can probably guess I only attended Day 2 (I am one of those lucky, lucky few that has to work both Saturday mornings and Bank Holidays!).

However I didn’t sleep for more than two hours and hung around the house Sunday morning feeling rather annoyed and rather tired! It was only when my next door neighbour (who i work with) literally gave me a kick up the ass…
“Oh go on, you’ve been talking about this for ages, just get yourself out and go and enjoy it!”

5 mins later without much thought I got my stuff together and headed out, reasoning that if I felt crap by the time I got to Dorking, I could turn round and head home.

But with the lovely warm weather, some Ultrabeat for music and the feeling that actually I might be ok – I carried on up the m25 and m1.

Having to use sat nav, it took me straight to race HQ and I parked up behind the Wyndymilla team van.


On first sight there was only a couple of people about waiting by the traffic lights for the riders to come through. None seemed eager for a conversation, apart from to say that the girls had already gone through once.

Then the first car appeared and I stood squinting down the road for a fair few minutes before I saw any sign of rider activity.
Suddenly they were there, spinning up the hill a lot quicker than I can do!
I tried to make out my friends from Shutt Velo Rapide, but couldn’t tell who was who!




And then I spotted a girl on her own, and someone shouted ‘Go on Jen!’
Luckily I got a photo!


Then it was a case of waiting for them to come around again. Quick trip to the car for Haribo and a drink, a phonecall to mum to let her know I had got there, and suddenly through the gate walks Lou! (who didnt recognise me for a second as I had text to say I wasn’t going).

Brilliant to see her, and great to watch the race with someone I knew!

As I was stood at race HQ I didn’t get to see the finish, but I did see the lovely Stefan Wyman drive past waving (ha wonder if he recognised me!?).
As I was stood by race HQ I had no idea who had won the race, and with no internet signal to find out, i was a bit miffed. I was too shy to ask anyone riding back up the hill, and as I’m rubbish at recognising anyone for the first time, I didn’t get to find out until later on.

I moved my car somewhere in the meantime only to find myself blocked in by the Abergavenny team car later on, but it was soon shifted so I could get out!

Thanks to Jen, Lou, Tracey, Cecillia, Sian and Saskia for letting me join them for Nandos afterwards (and the ice cream).

I had a great day and was so happy I made the decision in the morning to go up there!

In other news I had a go at hill reps tonight as I had to cycle back to work to put rugs on. That certainly woke me up and as it is on a private road i dont have to worry about much!

Oh and yes I did fall off the same horse twice the other day… Nevermind!!

Keep smiling 😛

First ride in Surrey

I’ve been here, near Dorking, for 2 weeks now. Because of the cold (wimpy I know) yesterday was the first time I actually got out on my bike. Not far, but enough to test that my tyres were pumped up properly and I was happy with the kit I was wearing!

So yeah I still ride in trainers, although I am hoping to change that at the end of the month, and today was the first time I had proper time to get out and about.

Using Google maps to have a look at connecting roads, I devised myself a ‘block’ to ride round. I already had my bib tights on (dhb Vaeon and totally invaluable!) and 3 top layers (winter Zipfit jersey, endura summer jersey and my Tour of Utah jersey because its white and shows up well). All set. No. Helmet and sunglasses. Right. No. Water bottle. Yep, using my Matrix Prendas one at the mo because it kinda goes with my bike! Decided to take a gel and some of the Shot Bloks. Not that i actually needed them! Treble check to see if I had my phone, keys and a fiver.

Then I was out the door and away, consoling my self that as I couldn’t watch RvV, I might as well be on my bike!

So starting from Henfold Lane, I headed toward Dorking, but hooked a right and headed vaguely toward Charlwood. Fairly flat, quite potholed and I wasn’t in a rush so took it steady away. This gave my legs time to warm up, my shins protested for about 10 mins until I channeled my inner Jensie and told them to shut up. Or maybe I forgot they actually hurt 😉

A couple of little rises and I could hear the ‘mocking’ tones of @spokesmen… ‘…couldn’t even climb a road bridge…’ Yep, today I am that person! Ha! Then the road turned south ish and I could see a slightly bigger rise. Plenty of time to get to it, quick drink and steady peddling. Halfway up a pile of fresh horse poo. Now I know I work with them, but oh my lord did that stink! Cue gagging and spitting.

At the top was a cross roads, pub on the right and I could see of I stayed on the road I had a nice descent ahead. Nah, the road to the right was signposted Newdigate, which is where I was heading back toward.

Despite having a good look at the pub, I then slowed even more to have a good look at the nice houses on either side of the road. Then suddenly came upon a t junction i recognised. Left to Charlwood and down Stan Hill would have taken to long and would have bought me back on myself (sort off). Right to Newdigate and down some nice slopes. I went right and immediately whacked it up into top gear and pretended to be a pro until it flattened out 😛

Right at the next t junction toward Newdigate and I slowed a little, being nosey and looking at the nice houses. Then it wasn’t long until I came upon the t junction to take me back down Henfold Lane and home. Again just steadily away until I got to the nice downhill (17% the other way) and rode it flat out and freewheeled to a stop outside.

I was just a bot surprised to see I had done 12.55 miles ( I will convert back to km when I remember!) in 56.29.
Thats good for me as I remember 10 miles over similar terrain taking me over an hour!

Its a block I can go round at lunch time if its dry and not too cold.

Its also the Hot Chilli sportif at the weekend…


Might see you there!

Oh and was Fabian Cancellara absolutely awesome today?! Thanks to my Twitterarti who keep me updated on the cycling!

Ciao 🙂