warning sportif ahead!!

Those who follow me on twitter may be aware that a while ago I signed up for the http://velove.tv/cotswold-casual-sportif/ only the 25 mile ride, but hey, technically I’m only a ‘beginner’ lol. At the time I didn’t know anyone doing it, so invited my dad along as company (he can do 30+ miles on his road bike easily).
Now I have barely been out on my bike recently, but having done a 23+ mile ride on my 3rd outing on my bike (with @jawsrogers) I’m pretty confidant that my legs can handle it, although seeing me going up hills – yeah, I’ll be the gasping one who everyone is laughing at…

Well at least I get to meet some of the ‘twitterarti’ and friends I have made on twitter, although most of them are doing the 50 mile/ 75mile route 🙂 I’ve also heard the weather might be pretty decent as well!

So hopefully (barring any disasters) i should meet the lovely @BevSmerklo, @helsbels1272, @broomwagonblog and @Velocentric. Anyone else doing this? tweet me (@elzrocks) or facebook me to let me know if you’re going to be there!

The good news is I have Saturday morning off work, and then the entire following week, so I might just get a few more miles in on my Lexa.

In other news, I took one of the racehorses I look after to Aintree (Liverpool) yesterday. He finished 4th, and I’m proud of him! I know he didn’t win, but it was a higher grade race than the last one he ran in and they went a fair bit quicker! He was very tired, but seemed fine afterwards. I also took another horse that unfortunately pulled up (a DNF), but it was some trip! It was the first time I’d been to Aintree – home of the Grand National – and I’d never realised what a bleak course it was!
It was an evening meeting, so the last of the horses I took, ran at 8.15, this meant leaving the racecourse at 9.15 – and with a 4 and a half hour journey home, I finally got back to the yard at 1.45ish (I think). By the time I’d got home, it was 2.35 and needless to say I’m still a bit tired!

Anyway, thanks for reading this 🙂


Cabin Fever, Triggerpoint Therapy and Clothes…

I’m just a little hacked off that I failed 30 days of biking. Well a LOT actually! Most of you probably think I’m being a right wuss about a silly sprained wrist, but if you have to ride racehorses every day, plus do every thing else with that hand (mucking out, sweeping, cleaning tack, holding horses etc) then you’d soon know about it!
Ok, the pain has gone, and this week I haven’t been far at all due to the weather, and me not really having the correct gear to ride in the wet (and cold).

So the question is: with very little money, what sort of wet weather gear should I buy? Is it any good? Would I be better off buying mens jackets (why oh why are they cheaper than a womans??!!??)? I would love some answers!
I currently have Muddy Fox tights and shorts, a Dare2B cyclocross t-shirt (actually that is brilliant!) another cheap cyclocross t-shirty thing, a showerproof jacket (Altura Night Vision) and a yellow Endura bib. Oh, and a pair of baggy cyclocross shorts.

Now I bet you’re laughing – she has a road bike, but cyclocross gear! What a t**t!

Does it actually matter? I’m not racing (yet). I want to be comfortable and I don’t have the money to spend on it!

I’ve been looking round the net – trying to save myself from cabin fever – and trying to find decent gear at low prices, but it’s not happening! Any suggestions would be welcome!

So, triggerpoint therapy – yes it does hurt, but I reap the benefits afterwards! I tend to get very tight, sore shoulders, and my dad does triggerpoint therapy. It’s brilliant! Although at the moment it feels like somebody has jabbed an icepick in my left shoulder blade and left it there, I know in the morning I’ll feel a lot looser and better. I’ve been a ‘guinea pig’ since I was about 7 years old, and it’s awesome how this can help. Although dad combines it with massage, sports therapy and zentherapy, it really does wonders!
Having had the same spot in my shoulder worked on sunday (it felt bruised after), it was actually a million times better today.

I may get out for a decent ride on the bike tomorrow…

Keep smiling… 🙂