Breeze road ride

5.45 meet in Eastrop Park. Only 3 of us, including ride leader Ruth. Just 20 miles. I’ll be fine!
I’m not sure of the route we went after we went out through Old Basing, but it included Stratfield Saye and Bramley, and we came back into town via Popley.

All I can say is it took my legs 10 miles to warm up! I still don’t get sore, achy legs, but my knees were a tad creaky this morning. Oh and I still get dropped on small hills 😛 I’ll get there one day!

It was lovely to meet Lex (on her new Specialized), and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride! And surprisingly don’t want to go back to work tomorrow, but hey!

In Bramley, we had to wait for 3 trains to go through the level crossing, which prompted Ruth to tell Lex about what happened at the level crossing in the Tour of Switzerland (or #TdS on Twitter). Thankfully that didn’t happen to us!

Only a short post this time, just keeping my fingers crossed that the weather might get less rainy at some point so I can get some decent miles in my legs. I’m still looking out for another sportif to do, and I’d welcome someone to ride with me (whoever it is would get a fair easy day out of it!).

Anyway, I’m off to.. er.. ‘watch’… Twitter (I’ve already missed the cycling on ITV4). And try not to embarrass myself any further….

Keep smiling 😛 😉

Not a typical weekend!

Saturday morning, I once again joined up with (part of the Breeze network). Meeting in the War Memorial Park at 8.45, one of the ladies informed us that there was part of the cycle path cordoned off by police. This happened to be the way we were going, so we duly set off to investigate. No, we were not allowed through, and I still don’t know what had happened, but there was a police car and it was certainly off limits. We were redirected back past the tennis centre to rejoin the cycle path further down with much wondering what had happened!
Did I also mention there was a Park Run on? Ah, yeah, there was people EVERYWHERE!!
This was only a social ride, and road bikes probably shouldn’t be used going up through Crabtree plantation (far too gravelly really!) but I survived! A short run sort of around Old Basing and back via Eastrop Park (where Breeze leader Ruth took a lovely piccy of us ladies!).
On the smoothest, loveliest piece of road I switched to a higher gear and my sodding chain came off – cue mortification!
Honestly the weather and company was perfect for a short ride! I thoroughly enjoyed it, but once home I was soon bored!

After a quick wander around town, I decided to take my bike over to my parents (Kingston Lisle in Oxfordshire) and go for a short ride around there. Dad wondered whether to join me on his Eddy Merckx but he’d already been out for a long ride in the morning, so I thought that @v_girlracer might like to join me! She did an it was a lovely easy ride until we got to Common Hill.

Common Hill. Yep, for two not very fit people, it is a bast**d of a hill to climb as it’s steep enough, it twists and turns and the road surface isn’t great, but we both managed to stay on our bikes and get up it! Needless to say I was pretty damn pleased with myself. Thank god once up Common Hill we were back in Kingston Lisle, and only a short ride back to my parents.

Then still in lycra we decided to play tennis (although ‘play’ wouldn’t describe it as there was certainly no scoring – unless you count hitting miscellaneous objects as points). We had a whale of a time, even if the odd ‘Oiiii’ from mum (yeah we might have hit the window ;S ) made us calm down a bit.

So back to Basingstoke and Sunday morning meant putting together a flat pack (fabric) wardrobe, set of shelves and a bedside cabinet. And not doing any TdF planning (unless you included talking)!



Discovering blogs etc

Thanks to Twitter, I’ve come across some good blogs, and some amazing photostreams from Flikr. this has some awesomely good photos on it from the BIG races/ classics. One to follow for any procycling fan….   this also is interesting, for any road bike fan…

I’ll add more as I find them!