A Different Bike

With the carbon Trek being written off in January, I’ve been without a ‘proper’ road bike since.
The Colnago had been fitted with 25mm Continental GP 4 Seasons, before changing to 28mm Continental GP GTs for the Paris Roubaix Challenge. Luckily for me the rims are narrow enough to take proper road tyres. It’s all well and good people suggesting a new wheelset, or different tyres for the Kinesis. But when you just don’t have the money to buy them, it’s not an option.
On another side note, the Kinesis needs to be stripped down, new bb fitted, new brake pads, and recabled. But I don’t have the knowledge to do that, and as easy as some of you may find watching YouTube videos – when you have no idea what you need to start with and don’t have the money to spend… well let’s just say this – it ain’t going nowhere yet.

Through the nice people at work, I was able to use a Cannondale Synapse Ultegra Disc (51cm) for a few days, mostly for the Sigma Social ride that I was helping to Ride Captain on Sunday.


It’s beautifully light, and looks great. A nice understated blue and grey colour scheme.
Apart from straightening the bars and putting the seat post in (thanks Stu) – set up was left to me. The trusty Crank Bros pedals were first on – after wiping down and regreasing the thread. And a pair of carbon bottle cages that belonged to the Trek. Saddle bag, rear light and Garmin were the last items fitted before I hopped on board for a test spin.
I’d forgotten how easy it is to ride a fully carbon bike, and I was flying down the road before I knew it. This is truly the type of bike to be ridden all day. Gear changes are precise and smooth and braking with discs is easy. No problem winging it around roundabouts either, although the Schwalbe One tyres on it aren’t quite as grippy as Continental GP 4000 IIs.
It’s quick and responsive, and after doing so many miles on heavier bikes, it’s a lovely bike to ride.


Point proven – I picked up two QOMs on that ride and two heading over to Herne Hill on Saturday – not so easily done around here as you might think 😉
It handled so well, that I was fully confidant of being able to keep up as Ride Captain on the Social Ride. Something of which I’m not so sure about on the cx bikes.
The only thing for me was the reach was on the short side, and the Fabric saddle wasn’t ideal for me, although it was only toward the end of the ride on Sunday that I found it a little uncomfortable.

A lovely bike to ride all in all!



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